We created Mahjong Online to provide a fun, high-quality gaming experience. We know that whenever anything gets in the way of that, the enjoyment can quickly diminish. With that in mind, bugs and glitches do occur despite attempts to make the game as stable as possible. We ask you to please reach out to us to report any bugs or errors you discover so that we can make it right to help you—and our other visitors—get back to enjoying the game!

A report is relatively easy to submit. We ask that you clearly indicate the problem, what browser you were playing on at the time of the issue, the operating system you have, and what type of device you were using. This information is critical to our ability to quickly identify and solve problems, leaving us free to work on the actual issue—rather than searching for it. This form can be used for other things as well, including to inform us that you’ve discovered a design flaw or—even better—to compliment our version of Mahjong! We truly welcome any form of feedback.

If you aren’t quite ready to reach out directly, you can also feel free to utilize our Features & Troubleshooting page. Often, the list provided on this troubleshooting page can help you solve the problem independently, allowing you to get back to gaming even faster.